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The new ELIOS: Palpable profit for Pollmann

The new ELIOS: Palpable profit for Pollmann

News 13.09.2016
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The new ELIOS 7500 features the fastest dry cycle in its size class and is optimized for the efficient production of thin-walled packaging and lightweight components.

Austria’s Pollmann International GmbH is familiar with the expertise of Netstal, and no wonder it placed one of the very first preorders for the new ELIOS 6500. This premium injection molding machine will allow for meeting a steady demand for lightweight and thin-walled plastic automotive items; the powerful 7,500 kN version will be on display at the forthcoming K 2016 in Düsseldorf.

Pollmann is among the very first customers to preorder new ELIOS machines

Even if the new machines will only be officially introduced at K 2016, several preorders have already been placed, including one by Pollmann. The two companies are successful partners for many years. Pollmann always had a steady confidence in the expertise of Netstal, the performance of their machines and their high quality.

Partnership with Netstal resulting in a security boost

Pollmann International develops and manufactures large series of complex smart mechatronics from plastic/metal compounds. The company boasts a wide spread of its assemblies over numerous car brands. From the beginning, Pollmann chose EVOS series because of their outstanding performance and Netstal’s expertise in the field of lightweight design and thin-walled packaging, said Manfred Jäger, a capital goods buyer for Pollmann. This choice “…gave us the utmost security in this project. […] The challenge of this application was particularly great. It was obvious to us that if somebody was able to solve the problem, it would be Netstal,” highlighted Jäger. Ever since, the very complex thin-walled items were successfully manufactured by Pollmann on EVOS machines with high stability.

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The automotive industry is going to use more and more lightweight parts made of plastic to replace other materials.

Lightweight designs from high-strength thermoplastics

Facing a growing customer demand, Pollmann felt the need for an extra injection molding machine, larger in size this time. Following the lightweight design trend, plastic components are more and more widely used for producing numerous car parts. Said items are manufactured from engineering thermoplastics to meet the required rigidity requirements. This incited a lot of interest in the new 650-ton ELIOS straight away: “The specified technical performance features of the new machine fully convinced us beforehand. That is why, on the basis of trust and experience, we placed an order,” emphasized Manfred Jäger. The company sought to be able to start production on new machines as soon as possible, and it is very understandable.

One has to note that the innovative ELIOS drive concept, the quickest clamping unit for this class of machines, and the possibility to use larger molds all bring strategic benefit to the customer. Thus, Pollmann International will boost its production per time unit considerably. A higher energy efficiency, in turn, will allow for reducing unit cost of manufactured components. Combined with the trademark reliability and high precision of Netstal equipment, the company’s customized injection molding solutions turn out to be an optimal choice for specific applications.

A premiere at K 2016: 43 thousands domed lids in an hour

Visitors of K 2016 will be the first to witness the biggest version of the new 7,500 kN ELIOS machine in action. Thanks to this machine, Netstal successfully brought precision and rapidity to a large clamping unit with electrical drive. Euromap concludes that the new injection molding machine has the shortest dry cycle in the size class. October 19 to 26, the new ELIOS will be seen producing over 43,000 domed lids weighing 2.8 g each per hour in a stack mold of 24×24 layout. The cycle time is especially impressive: 4 seconds only.

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