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Ultra Helix™ 350 by Husky: Even more options available

Ultra Helix™ 350 by Husky: Even more options available

News 20.09.2016

The remarkable valve gate technology, introduced by Husky in 2015, recently gave birth to another nozzle series, the Ultra Helix™ 350. These valve gates are even more flexible and encompass more applications than ever. The resulting part quality is bettered, and nozzle life is the longest compared to any competitor, to the complete satisfaction of Husky’s customers.
“The gate quality of the Ultra Helix nozzles continues to impress many of our customers,” commented Stefano Mirti, the company’s President of Hot Runners and Controllers. He emphasized that the expansion of the valve gate range with the new series proves once again that Husky is committed to widen the circle of customers benefitting from the top performance. They can produce now “superior parts [with] the lowest total cost of ownership compared to any other valve gate on the market today,” said Mirti.

Meticulous research done by the company’s experts allowed Husky to study all sides of the problem — valve gate materials, wear, dynamics, and gate quality — to the fullest, resulting in the new Ultra Helix™ nozzles. The new valve gate boasts a close to zero sprue vestige performance, which improves molded item quality significantly. In addition, the new nozzles reduce mechanical wear on cavity metal and valve stems to a minimum and contribute to keeping the highest thermal uniformity in the mold, a trademark quality of Husky equipment.

Among the customers of Husky, the FDA-registered C&J Industries, a medical device producer. Casey Miller, Senior Tooling Engineer of C&J, confessed: “Husky’s Ultra Helix valve gates have increased our confidence in hot runner valve gate molding. Although other manufacturers have gates incorporated in the nozzle tips similar to the Ultra Helix, we have not seen one that has the valve stem with continuous guidance throughout the cycle.” Miller said that this impression led to a great confidence in wear elimination and gate quality provided by Husky valve gates. The manufacturer plans to equip its long-running production tools with Ultra Helix nozzles.

Overall, Ultra Helix™ valve gate technology developed by Husky brings a lot of value to the company’s customers for both cost and production efficiency. A 2015 Ringier Technology Innovation prize awarded to Husky highlighted this success.

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