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Hot runner nozzle innovation for thin- and thick-wall items

Hot runner nozzle innovation for thin- and thick-wall items

News 02.02.2017
HRSflow 2016-0362 MTR Image

The new MTR hot runner nozzles have been designed with both thin-wall packaging and thick-walled items in mind.

HRSflow of Italy, a prominent hot runner expert, is about to premiere new hot runner nozzle series named MTR and developed for injection molding of both thin- and thick-wall parts. The new nozzles expand the already established Multitech series of hot runner solutions for multi-cavity molds. In parallel, HRSflow is proud of the advances in joint development with Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI), a worldwide leader in plastic packaging for single-serve food and beverage containers.

Hot runner nozzles made for multi-cavity series production

HRSflow Multitech series is designed specifically for molds intended for series production of caps and closures, packaging, medical technology items, electronic and automotive parts. These kinds of molds are characterized by numerous cavities, reduced cycle times, quick color changes, and homogeneous balancing.

The new MTR nozzle exists in three specs: MTR-T, -M and -S; all the three are highly wear-resistant.

•    MTR-T nozzle serves for injection molding of large thin-walled containers (0.45+ mm wall thickness, max. length to wall thickness ratio: 350). Using this nozzle model, one can attain injection pressure of up to 2,200 bar and melt throughputs of up to 180 grams per second. The nozzle keeps the process highly stable, which makes it also suitable for in-mold labeling (IML).
•    MTR-M adds value to polyester injection molding for the manufacture of thick-walled items with high-gloss surface finish. Items with walls as thick as 20 mm and even more can be manufactured easily for the needs of medical sector, household goods or packaging for cosmetics.
•    Finally, MTR-S nozzle is designed for wall thicknesses over 20 mm too. This nozzle version is though optimized for injection molding of parts made of DuPont Surlyn®, a crystal-clear ionomer.

Partnership results in speed-to-market increase for beverage/food capsules

Single-serve food and beverage capsules market is growing like one o'clock, which incited HRSflow Multitech to partner with Plastic Technologies, Inc., a worldwide leader in plastic packaging. The partnership revolves around the idea of giving brand owners a fully ready commercialization trail. The companies join the substantial expertise they carry in the field in order to reduce time-to-market and impel profit-making.

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