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High-tech machines and processes at the Interplastica show

High-tech machines and processes at the Interplastica show

News 20.12.2017

At this year‘s Interplastica, WITTMANN BATTENFELD is showcasing two electric machines from its proven PowerSeries, an all-electric EcoPower and a MicroPower specially designed for injection molding of micro parts.


Compressor and nitrogen generator unit

On an EcoPower 160/750, a coat hanger will be manufactured with a single-cavity mold from Haidlmair, Austria, using the WITTMANN BATTENFELD AIRMOULD® internal gas pressure process. The machine comes with an insider cell, which means that a robot and a conveyor belt as well as peripherals for upstream and downstream processing are all integrated in the machine’s cell, which results in a number of advantages for users. For example, parts removal and depositing by the robot can be realized with minimal space requirements on the non-operator side.

Along with the automation system and the peripheral equipment, the AIRMOULD® interface is also integrated in the machine’s new UNILOG B8 control system. The combined compressor and nitrogen generator unit used has been developed and manufactured by WITTMANN BATTENFELD. The parts will be removed and deposited on the conveyor belt integrated in the production cell by a W918 robot from WITTMANN with the new R9 robot control system.

A machine from the MicroPower series will be exhibited at the Interplastica as well. This machine series stands out primarily by extreme cost efficiency, high speed and process reliability. Via a two-step screw-and-plunger injection unit, thermally homogeneous melt is injected with shot volumes ranging from 0.05 to 4 cm³. This makes it possible to manufacture top-quality parts in an absolutely stable production process and with short cycle times. At the Interplastica, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will demonstrate the production of a POM paper clip weighing just 0.27 g on a MicroPower 15/10 with a 6-cavity mold supplied by Microsystems UK.

3 MicroPower

MicroPower 15/10 – specially designed for the production of micro parts

Furthermore, the integration of robots and peripherals into the new UNILOG B8 machine control system, known as WITTMANN 4.0, will be clearly shown in an easy-to-understand demonstration on an interactive display panel, giving visitors an opportunity to test the advantages of the Industry 4.0 solution from WITTMANN for themselves. It will visualize the complete integration into the UNILOG B8 machine control system of WITTMANN temperature controllers from the TEMPRO plus D series, the intelligent FLOWCON plus flow controller, a robot from the control system generations R8 and/or R9, the GRAVIMAX G gravimetric blender and, most recently, also of dryers from WITTMANN’s ATON plus series. All parameters for a mold, that is all settings required on the machine, plus various temperatures and formulations for the peripherals, as well as the robot teach program, can be administered centrally without much effort. Another major advantage is the possibility to have the visualization of the control systems of all WITTMANN 4.0-compatible peripherals and of the robot displayed on the B8 screen in their original form. This enables the operator to switch easily and efficiently between the various appliances connected to the machine.

In addition to the machines from the PowerSeries, numerous peripheral appliances from WITTMANN will be showcased as stand-alone solutions at the Interplastica in Moscow.

The WITTMANN Group is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of injection molding machines, robots and peripheral equipment for the plastics industry. Headquartered in Vienna/Austria, the WITTMANN Group consists of two main divisions, WITTMANN BATTENFELD and WITTMANN, which operate 8 production facilities in 5 countries, including more than 33 direct subsidiary offices located in all major plastics markets around the world.

WITTMANN BATTENFELD focuses on independent market growth in the manufacturing of state-of-the art injection molding machines and process technology, providing a modern and comprehensive range of machinery in a modular design that meets the actual and future requirements of the plastic injection molding market.

WITTMANN’s product range includes robots and automation systems, material handling systems, dryers, gravimetric and volumetric blenders, granulators, mold temperature controllers and chillers. With this comprehensive range of peripheral equipment, WITTMANN can provide plastics processors with solutions that cover all production requirements, ranging from autonomous work cells to integrated plant-wide systems.

The syndication of the WITTMANN Group has led to connectivity between all product lines, providing the advantage plastics processors have been looking for in terms of a seamless integration of injection molding machines, automation and auxiliary equipment – all occurring at a progressive rate.

In Russia, the WITTMANN Group is represented by OOO WITTMANN BATTENFELD based in Moscow, headed by Dmitry Maksimenko.

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