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FCS set a brilliant record at Chinaplas 2019

FCS set a brilliant record at Chinaplas 2019


CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber & Plastics Exhibition (Chinaplas) has been in Guangzhou for four days (May 21-24), with a scale of more than 250,000 square meters and brought more than 3,600 exhibitors from around the world, together leading the coming new era, new challenges, and new opportunities of the plastics industry.

FCS Group (FCS) presented 4 models and 5 applications which are the most popular in the industry. Under the standard equipped “high efficiency” and “multi-color”, they also meet the requirements of "medical", "packaging", and "smart" from various industries. Meanwhile, it’s the 35th anniversary of the development of multi-component molding technology by FCS, a series of celebrations, including giving the awards of “premium partners in multi-component technology” at booth. Thanks to that joyful atmosphere, FCS achieved a great success of on-site orders exceeded USD 200 million, of which multi-component molding machines contributed more than 70%.

FA series: A newly released model of advanced servo hydraulic IMM by FCS. The precision, stability and specifications are upgraded which improved the injection speed and platen strength up to 20%~30%, and the energy-saving achieves GB first-class verification.

In Chinaplas, FCS displayed FA-160 with a 2 cav.-mold of functional stacking bin, with automation and intelligent peripheral system that perfectly interprets smart manufacturing technology, which is a combination of performance, efficiency and intelligence.

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FB-R Series: FCS multi-component IMM is able to allocate 4 sets of injection unit, and has 19 types of multi-component configuration which has maximum mold clamping force of 1900 tons.

With closed-loop servo valve, rotary table positioning system and the patented clips that stabilize and precise the injection molding process and products, which is suitable for producing thin-wall products.

The FB-280R produced 24 cav.- infusion cap with cycle time of 30 seconds that that provides a best solution for medical appliance.

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FB-T series: It adopts servo motor which increases revolutions 30%-50% and shorten the cycle time. The reciprocating 180-degree rotating shaft on the movable platen and the linear potentiometer for injection and clamp unit make the precision achieve 0.1mm. The patented rotary shaft structure satisfies the operation stability and precision. FCS show FB-280T in public for the first time and produce three-color toothbrush grip that achieve the diversified product design of multi-colored or multi-component application.

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HN-h/p series: It is characterized by precision, high speed, power-saving, stability and high efficiency. The closed-loop servo valve improves injection speed by 50% to 150% that significantly enhance production efficiency.

The HN-280p IMM adopts servo electric injection and In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution (IML), take 5 seconds to produce 8 cav.-yogurt cup, and is applicable for high-end household goods, thin-walled food containers, and high-speed molding of multi-cavity products.

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Looking at Chinaplas' previous official statistics, the overall number of visitors to the Chinaplas Guangzhou has increased year by year, but the proportion of foreign buyers has declined for three consecutive years. The IMM industry in Great China area generally believes that under the affection US-China trade war, the sales performance has declined significantly since 2018/Q4, and the 2019/Q1 has been frustrated. Even it has improved slightly in Q2 but since there will be a World 1st exhibition - K in Germany in this October, which made the exhibitors reducing budget for other shows. However, FCS thought in a different way. It doubled the booth size and investment for this Chinaplas 2019, focusing on the target market and finally made the result and number of booth visitors much more than double!

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