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New 3D printing solutions by Arkema

New 3D printing solutions by Arkema

News 15.11.2018

At Formnext 2018, Frankfurt, November 13-16, Arkema is showcasing under its newly launched ‘3D Printing Solutions by Arkema’ platform, its market leading product portfolio and innovations for each of the major 3D Printing technologies: UV curing, powder bed fusion, and filament extrusion.

3d-printing-7.jpg 1818998986

“Arkema aims at assisting industrial players in adopting 3D Printing as an effective and enabling industrial manufacturing process” said Guillaume de Crevoisier, Global Business Director for 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema.

The Group is exhibiting a range of industrial parts based on Kepstan® PEKK. Among ultra-high performance thermoplastic materials, Kepstan® PEKK is uniquely positioned as the only material amenable to both filament extrusion and powder bed fusion technologies.

Arkema is also introducing Graphistrength® C M17-20, a Kepstan® PEKK based multi wall Carbon Nanotube masterbatch designed to impart ESD properties in filament printing applications.

Arkema is highlighting its comprehensive range of Rilsan® bio-based fine polyamide powders for powder bed fusion technologies. These high performance polyamides have become the materials of choice in the design and manufacture of final production parts and are specified in a growing number of critical applications thanks to their unparalleled mechanical strength and durability.

powder-sintrering.JPG 1582187852

Together with the partners, the company is also featuring Rilsan® polyamide 11 grades with added functionality, opening up a wider scope of possibilities in terms of applications and properties. For example Advanced Laser Materials, LLC and Prodways Materials are showcasing reinforced polyamide grades. These materials exhibit unique properties such as greater rigidity for higher temperature applications and superior dimensional stability.

Through its Sartomer business unit, Arkema has introduced brand new products from the N3xtDimension® line of UV-curable engineered resins. These resins help additive manufacturers yield unique high end properties, high definition, and fulfill performance and regulatory requirements for a wide range of industrial applications.

Products being featured during the event also include a unique selection of tailor made monomers and oligomers that allow greater freedom of design and customized properties such as impact resistance, higher resolution, greater flexibility, improved processability, and increased toughness and transparency.

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