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More sustainable additive manufacturing

More sustainable additive manufacturing

News 16.11.2023

Arkema collaborates with industry leaders including EOS, HP and Stratasys, to continue offering customers more sustainable, high-performance materials for additive manufacturing. This is particularly true of its bio-sourced Rilsan® Polyamide 11, for which the Group recently announced a further reduction in the carbon footprint of all its grades globally. This initiative represents an improvement of around 70% compared to traditional polyamide resins produced using fossil-based raw materials and conventional energy sources.

Rilsan Polyamide 11

HP, one of the key 3D printing industry leaders, collaborates closely with Arkema, to launch HP 3D High Reusability PA12S enabled by Arkema. This new polyamide 12 powder engineered for HP Multi Jet Fusion technology is designed for the production of functional parts across various industries. This new PA12 material is enabling for example the production of cosmetic application parts with outstanding look and feel while demonstrating the highest reusability ratio compared to other polyamide 12 powders available on the market.

GENERA and Arkema partner to bring 3D-printed personalized eyewear to the consumer goods market. The breakthrough solution paves the way for unmatched personalization, improved comfort and functional mechanical properties to complement the wearer’s style and preferences. The collaboration leverages GENERA’s fully automized DLP process with a unique RFID chip that ensures optimized printing, cleaning and post processing parameters, and N3xtDimension® UV-curable material N3D-GEN976 to deliver flawless surface finish unlocking a wide spectrum of available colors and customized mechanical properties.

Rapid Shape and Arkema announce a strategic partnership to push additive manufacturing forward through a range of N3xtDimension® custom formulations tailored for high performance in Rapid Shape’s DLP 3D printers. Rapid Shape’s DLP machines are built for industrial manufacturing, offering reliability, efficiency and high-resolution capabilities. The Rapid Shape Inline brings end-to-end automation to vat polymerization enabling production of thousands of parts without human touch. Arkema’s UV-curable materials, designed to elevate printing precision and versatility, will be accessible across Rapid Shape’s open platform systems for precise modelling to high-volume industrial applications.

3YOURMIND, manufacturing software provider and Arkema continue their journey to expand Easy3D, a digital platform for advanced material recommendations and on-demand development, by adopting N3xtDimension® liquid resin solutions and services. Customers can now access and experience the easy adoption of UV-curable liquid resin materials and reach qualified suppliers with this end-to-end 3D printing technology solution.

Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), an EOS company and leading materials developer for industrial Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers, collaborates with Arkema to offer PEKK-100 powder based on Kepstan® PEKK to all EOS P810 users. This high temperature material exhibits the best combination of ductility, electrical insulation and reusability in its category opening new applications in very demanding industries such as Aeronautics, Oil and Gas as well as Electronic and Electrical applications.

Erpro 3D Factory, prominent French service bureau, developed earlier this year an integrated supply chain in Europe to produce 3D printed custom parts made from Arkema’s Pebax® Rnew® elastomers by selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. Parts made from these innovative elastomers, produced partially from renewable castor beans, are typically specified for their combination of lightweight and outstanding energy return.

Arkema attended Formnext from November 7th to 10th and showcased its industry leading range of advanced 3D printing materials on the market.

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