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Arkema continues its journey toward more sustainable materials

Arkema continues its journey toward more sustainable materials

News 16.03.2023

Arkema, a leader in specialty materials and a pioneer in high-performance materials for 3D printing, will exhibit at AMUG 2023, and showcase its innovative and more sustainable new material solutions for all major 3D printing technologies.

Arkema 3D brochure cover

Lower carbon footprint and Bio-based materials
At the beginning of 2023, Arkema signed a long-term agreement with ENGIE for the supply of 300 GWh/year of renewable biomethane in France. With the renewable biomethane supply and ongoing energy efficiency projects, Arkema will further significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the flagship 3D printing materials: bio-based high performance Rilsan® polyamide 11 and Pebax® elastomers.

Within its N3xtDimension® liquid resins for UV curing product line, Arkema will introduce N3D-PR184-BIO, a new high-performance industrial and consumer prototyping resin with 53% bio-renewable content (BRC). This formulation is the first in the N3xtDimension® bio-based offering and complements the Sartomer® bio-based offering of SARBIO resins that combine increased BRC content with technical performance in end-use applications.

Recycling program for a more circular world
HP, leading provider of industrial 3D printing solutions worldwide, now offers interested customers Arkema’s Virtucycle® program, the Arkema recycling solution of 3D used powders and printed parts. Launched in 2019, the Virtucycle® program offers three axis of support to Arkema’s high performance polymers customers and downstream users: Eco-design expertise, recyclability and recycling guarantee as well as recycled high-performance polymers.

At AMUG, in Chicago, IL, on March 19-23, Arkema and its partners will feature 3D printed parts designed for major markets: Healthcare/dental, Industry, Consumer goods, and Transportation.

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