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14. - 16. October 2019
Munich, Germany
16. - 23. October 2019
Düsseldorf, Germany
19. - 22. November 2019
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Catwalk beauty at K 2019

Catwalk beauty at K 2019

News 19.09.2019

Every three years, K brings together all kinds of products and services to in Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre. In K 2019, Oct. 16-23, FCS Group will be co-exhibiting with its European distributor - Windsor to launch brand new “Advanced Servo Hydraulic IMM (FA-160)” and “All-Electric IMM (CT-300)”. These are showing the innovation, swiftness and vitality of FCS, and offering green energy technology and highly customizable systems integration concept to offer customers the best solution.

FA 160LeftFront top 72dpi JPG

New Generation Molding System: FA-160
FA series is a newly released model of advanced servo hydraulic IMM by FCS, also first time to reveal it at K 2019. The specifications and design are upgraded and optimized which platen strength improvement increase 30%, high-performance servo energy-saving oil pump achieves GB first-class verification that rise in precision, stability and improve the mold lifetime.

The appearance of machine design combines human ergonomics concept and aesthetics, not only integrate the advantage of electrical control, also provide optional modular specification to meet the requirement such as food packaging and thin-walled container industries.

CT 300LeftFront top 72dpi JPG

In Mold Labeling Molding System: CT-300
FCS All-Electric injection molding machine is in combination of Austria’s controller and Italy’s servo motor (PHASE) which increase the injection velocity, holding time and shot volume accuracy. The mold opening, ejecting, and plasticizing processes can operate simultaneously, reducing the machine cycle time. It is suitable for some product requirements such as 3C, medical or optical products.
Adopting Japan’s injection screw (NSK) and linear ball slider in injection base moving unit enhances the smooth operation and energy saving.

With an IML automation system in K, CT-300 quickly and easily produces 8-cavity 100 ml IML ice cream cups. It doubles production output through the 4+4 cavities stack mold technology, and uses mold cavity flow balance module for monitoring and automatic compensation and screening of defective products to achieve unmanned production monitoring.

These models are embodied with high technical elements, innovative ideas, and adapted to market requirements in Industry 4.0 development trends, fully showing its expertise in system integration and innovative R & D capability. FCS always continues to innovate and assist customers in order to strengthen its leading position in global competitive markets.

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