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Relying on experience

Relying on experience

News 12.03.2021

The demand for extremely soft TPEs is constantly increasing. KRAIBURG TPE is introducing a new solution to meet this demand. The enhanced product is a further development of existing supersoft TPEs and has been adapted to new applications and requirements, based on suggestions provided by customers and many years of practical experience. The series is now available worldwide.

Since the range of applications is steadily increasing, there is a strong demand for very soft, tough and durable materials. From orthopedic appliances and bicycle equipment through to lids for cosmetics – the fields of application are as diverse as the specific requirements for the material itself. To meet the demand for a reliable solution that satisfies the current standards and regulations, a new series of extremely soft TPEs is now available from KRAIBURG TPE. The company believes that the new materials have a great future ahead of them. All three compounds of the NEXT GENERATION Supersoft TPEs are therefore being combined under the new name THERMOLAST® S.

Customer satisfaction is KRAIBURG TPE’s top priority. That is why the new generation of supersoft TPEs has been developed on the basis of customer feedback. So the new compounds combine established properties with new practical requirements. The extremely soft TPEs have a pleasant, soft surface similar to human skin. This touch quality is a result of the low hardness range of 30 to 50 Shore 00 or 45 to 70 VLRH (very low rubber hardness). The materials’ substantially reduced tendency to oil out, for example, enables high-quality gel pad applications and optimizes ejection of the finished parts during processing.

Excellent mechanical properties and outstanding compression set at room temperature satisfy users’ requirements. The materials can be processed by injection molding and 3D printing, playing to their strengths in both processes. In addition, the compounds have all necessary approvals and meet all necessary standards, so that they can be used immediately. For example, they have been tested in accordance with ISO 10993-10 (skin irritation). The product’s good skin compatibility also makes it outstandingly suitable for paramedical applications such as orthopedic appliances that do not necessarily require medical approvals.

- Raw materials conformity to EU 10/2011 and FDA standards
- Conformity to DIN EN 71-3 standards for toys
- REACH and RoHS tested

“Our NEXT GENERATION Supersoft TPEs are an important step: Based on various customer requests, we have incorporated our many years of experience with an established product into further development and we are pleased to present THERMOLAST® S, a range of compounds perfectly tested and equipped for all requirements that supersoft TPEs have to meet”, summarizes Eugen Andert, Product Development Engineer at KRAIBURG TPE.

The three NEXT GENERATION Supersoft TPEs are available in a translucent version as standard, and transparent compounds with hardnesses of up to 25 VLRH can also be supplied. The non-sticky granules can also be individually custom-colored on request.

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