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New advances to increase productivity and part quality

New advances to increase productivity and part quality

News 18.09.2022

StackTeck Systems Ltd., a global manufacturer of multi-cavity, high volume production molds, has ordered a NETSTAL PET-LINE 4000 system for PET preform mold qualifications. It will be installed in Q1 of 2023 at their headquarters located in Canada. The system will be capable of qualifying molds with side entry multi-position take-off plates, as well as PiCOOLTM blow pin plates. StackTeck’s mold qualification TeckCenter is being prepared with a dedicated bay, including all services and drying capabilities required for any production preform mold that would run in the system at an optimized cycle time.

Fig1. PR

StackTeck 96 cavity PET preform mold in NETSTAL PET-LINE 4000 system

Rick Unterlander, General Manager PET commented, “The StackTeck team has taken on many challenges in recent years, from high cavitation 144 cavity molds, to rPET and overmolding systems, while introducing new advances to increase productivity and part quality. By adding a full-scale production machine and automation to our mold qualification capability supplied by NETSTAL, we will be in a tremendous position to support customers with PET molds. Our TeckCenter is well equipped with an automated vision inspection system to handle large numbers of plastic samples needed for PET projects.”

It isn’t the first time the two companies have worked together. According to Vince Travaglini, StackTeck’s President & CEO, “We have worked closely with NETSTAL on many projects in the packaging and medical sectors for years now. This is a great step forward for us, now we join forces with a PET industry leader who we already know very well. We’ve used NETSTAL test machines for over 20 years, and when this PET-LINE 4000 system arrives nearly half of our test machines will be from NETSTAL.”

Doug Haberman, President of NETSTAL Inc. also commented: “We are very excited that our long-term relationship with StackTeck has evolved to now allow us to pursue the PET preform market together. The PET-LINE 4000 system operating in StackTeck’s TeckCenter will fully demonstrate compelling output advantages of our combined solutions.”

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