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05. - 08. January   2019
Dubai, UAE
29. January 2019 - 01. February 2019
Moscow, Russia
10. - 12. March 2019
Guangzhou, China
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Complex automation solutions made easy

News 05.07.2016
PM IMM 2016 06 Automation SPX 10 Angusspicker.jpg image scaler 550x0

Multiple kinematics in the TwinZ configuration from KraussMaffei for complex stack-mold applications.

Quickly installed, flexible and at the same time space-saving automation solutions will be the focus of KraussMaffei's automation technology at K 2016 in Düsseldorf. The core competence ranges from simple pick-and-place applications to complex, customer-specific production units with linear and industrial robots or their combination. The highlights will include the new linear robot LRX TwinZ for complex stack-mold applications, the servopicker SPX 10, as well as a mobile industrial robot unit with the integrated control function Multisubmit.

Predestined for complex stack-mold applications
"The multiple kinematics from KraussMaffei is ideal for complex automation solutions in production, for it allows connected production processes to be spread over several robot axes. This increases operating comfort and ensures overall short cycle times with high precision," explains Thomas Marufke, Managing Director for automation technology at KraussMaffei. In the TwinZ version, two LRX linear robots from KraussMaffei are mechanically coupled on a Z axis. TwinZ is predestined for the use of stack molds or for transferring components (handshake) during fast component demolding and stacking. This configuration also provides significant space and time savings for automation processes with overlapping motion ranges. In addition, both LRX robots and the injection molding machine can be programmed and controlled via the KraussMaffei MC6 control system. "This provides significantly more comfort in the use of complex production processes. Configurations of up to four kinematic units (robots), each with six axes, are possible," says Marufke. Visitors to the KraussMaffei booth can see the advantages of multiple kinematics for themselves with the example of the FiberForm system. An LRX TwinZ-250 will heat the organic sheet and demold the finished component in parallel.

PM IMM 2016 06 Automation LRX TwinZ.jpg image scaler 550x0

The Servopicker SPX forms one unit together with the machine, providing the most space-saving solution on the market as a result.

Successful product Servopicker SPX 10
Compact, fast and space-saving also describes the Servopicker SPX 10, which was introduced at Fakuma 2014. "The market resonance is excellent, the effective concept of the servo-driven sprue picker as one unit with the machine has met with a very good response from our customers," says Marufke. The telescopic lift stroke makes the picker particularly well suited for use in low halls. The detached sprue is stored within the standard machine housing. This means that there is no need for a side extension in the form of a protective enclosure. This way, four machines can be installed in the same installation area instead of three. The servomotor enables the picker to operate extremely fast and saves on maintenance time and expensive compressed air compared to wear-prone pneumatic drives. The MC6 control system and the optimized parked position for the mold change round out the user-friendly features. At K 2016, the Servopicker SPX10 will demonstrate its flexibility as a small-part gripper for medical components.

Plug and play with mobile robot cells
"Mobile robot cells from KraussMaffei provide great flexibility in production, thus increasing production efficiency. They can be moved without much trouble from one machine and connected to another," explains Marufke. The core of the machine is a small robot from the IR100R1100 F/K series with a payload of 10 kg and a reach of 1100 mm. The main feature of this industrial robot is a high working speed and equally high precision. The simple integration of further peripherals, for example for quality inspection, is another advantage of the mobile cell. After component demolding, the quality of the molds is documented by camera. The integration of robot cells into the machine control system is a particularly appealing option. As with the fixed pendant installed on the machine, the injection molding machine can be operated via the handheld pendant of the robot control system. Conversely, the operator can control the automation cell via the MC6 control system of the machine. "With the integration of the Multisubmit control function into the MC6 operating concept for industrial robots, we are offering our customers additional operating comfort. Several peripheral processes can thus be operated simultaneously," explains Marufke.

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