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HRSFlow introduces MTR hot runner nozzles for multiple cavity hot runner systems

HRSFlow introduces MTR hot runner nozzles for multiple cavity hot runner systems

News 19.10.2016


In the multiple cavity sector, HRSflow Multitech offers hot runner solutions for injection molds designed for large-scale production of packaging, caps and closures, medical device technology, electrical and electronics, and the automotive industry. The focus here is on high cavity production systems, fast efficient cycle times, homogeneous balancing, and rapid color changes.

The new MTR hot runner nozzle is available in three configurations:


Their common distinguishing factor is the injection pressure resistance up to 2200 bar and the high resistance of the nozzle tip to wear and tear. The added benefit of this nozzle is the design for long life due to any wear in the valve guides despite using abrasive polymers.


The dedicated hot runner solution developed to inject this resin is the result of 15 years of experience in molding flexible PVC. Since the resin is highly chemically aggressive, the proper solution is to use materials with high chemical resistance.
Starting from high performance stainless steel, to aero spatial alloy, passing through titanium, we are able to handle 1800 bar Max melt pressure, with homogenous thermal profile, naturally balanced and without stagnation areas to provide a solution for optimal flow. The performance delivered is a tiny gate vestige and high part transparency, but the most important feature is the easy and fast start-up while providing a uniform melt profile throughout the system.


Good news also for PET resin users and whoever is looking to invest into market segment of thinwall packaging by using PET.
The combination of our latest hot runner, MTR products combined with the SLM technology developed internally, has attained excellent results even with PET food grade I.V. 0,8 on wall thickness of 0.7 mm.
PET Single serving cups is a result of our joint cooperation with Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) including PP sample with IML oxygen barrier. This joint effort is combined with PBT and PLA parts that will be available at our booth for you to review and have an open discussion about the technologies and your applications.
Another of the highlights on display is the MTR series success in the molding of a Drinking Shaker Glass molded with PET polyester resin where the ratio Length /Thickness reached is 150.  This part is not compromised in any manner pertaining to Quality and Crystal Clear Transparency of the finished product.


High technology and new finishing solutions have arrived in the field of application of Spirits. HRSflow Multitech has successfully developed a particular metallic cap in ABS through a post moulding metallization process. This was done in cooperation with one of the most important players within the liquor market.
This special finishing is the result of Thermal Gate optimization and SLM Technology by which we have avoided a vestige. Thanks to this solution, the end user has optimized not only the aesthetic features of the cap but also its cycle time


In the multiple cavity sector, HRSflow Multitech and DuPont™ have been engaged together in a new common project where MTR-S hot runner nozzle is the provider of choice. The key factor is the high resistance of the nozzle tip to wear and abrasion resistance. Moreover, the revolutionary concept design makes this nozzle suitable for heavy duty applications and high injection pressure up to 2,200 bars compatible with your thinwall molding applications.
The MTR-S hot runner system is ideal for caps and jars with wall thicknesses with proven results up to 20 mm thickness with a high-gloss clear finish molded of DuPont™ Surlyn®. This type of application is realised with direct injection with a vestige from 1 mm.


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